Diaspora Delivery System


Diaspora Delivery System & Research (DDSR) is a facilitated framework for the digital transformation of the traditional leadership, management and involvement model by providing a strategy for communication, governance and implementation.

DDSR encompasses 5 inter-locking Global Diaspora Involvement Plans that translate into market-led deliverables for promoting supply chain collaboration and economic growth.

  • International Trade and Services
  • Human Capital and Workforce Development
  • Global Health and Wellness
  • Community Development, Resiliance and Sustainable Tourism
  • Creative & Cultural Industries

Diaspora Delivery System & Research Presentation

 DDSR is a Knowledge driven approach to value creation and co-ordination of assets, data, management systems, resources, skills and supply chains:
  • ensures evidence – informed policy formulation and adoption is key to involvement of professional services and practitioners with a proven track record of achievement within host countries.
  • enhanced by a culture of collaboration, trust and co-operation among intermediaries, dedicated to facilitating cohesive, productive and effective team working.
  • facilitates the integration of skills, expertise and resources within economic, education, health,citizen security and sustainable tourism
    infrastructures to provide system enabled, high quality, easily accessible and sustainable services.
  • promotes Global Diaspora networking with academic institutions, knowledge management and technology partners for utilising the intangible assets of Intellectual Capital and Traditional Knowledge as leverage for creativity and competitive advantage.

DDSR facilitates knowledge transfer, capacity – building and programme implementation for inclusive communities and neighbourhoods within host and countries of origin.