Community Economic Tourism

Community Economic Tourism 

The Windrush Anchor Heritage Education Programme (WAHEP) is leading the way in showcasing the vital role of community economic tourism on the path to international markets.

Through a synergy of culture, commerce and education, WAHEP facilitates a comprehensive cross-cutting approach, focusing on diaspora integration and networks.

The programme bridges cultural gaps through cultural enterprise, heritage education, intergenerational dialogues and diaspora connectivity.

 Five Key Areas*

    • Inclusive and sustainable economic growth
    • Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction
    • Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change
    • Cultural values, diversity and heritage
    • Mutual understanding, peace and security

A systems and cluster collaborative approach for inspiring inclusive, peaceful, caring and culturally enterprising neighbourhoods and local communities.

2017 International Year for Sustainable Tourism 


Ghana, Jamaica, Nigeria, South Africa