Windrush Anchor Heritage Education Programme

Windrush Anchor Heritage Education programme is a unique community-focused initiative showcasing a life-size replica of the vessel anchor to celebrate Caribbean Commonwealth communities‘ cultural heritage and contributions to the United Kingdom (UK).

The programme’s objectives are to engage wider communities on the Windrush Heritage, develop innovative educational approaches to raising cultural esteem, and pass on a legacy to young people by providing opportunities for them to play a key role in shaping cultural outputs.

The Windrush Front Room Legacy allows visitors from all backgrounds and ages to become immersed within households of England’s 1960s & 1970s Caribbean communities.

This programme is rooted in the values of respect, inclusion, and belonging and aims to inspire peaceful, caring, and enterprising neighbourhoods and local communities.

Key Milestones:

The Windrush Anchor Heritage Education Programme represents hope, strength and belonging, aligns with 2030 National development plans and promotes a sense of cultural pride and unity amongst Caribbean Commonwealth communities.