Windrush Anchor Heritage Education Programme

The Windrush Anchor Heritage Education Programme(WAHEP) is a unique community-focused initiative supported by business and professional expertise, inspired to celebrate Commonwealth communities’ cultural heritage and contributions across the United Kingdom (UK).

The programme’s objectives are to engage wider communities on the Windrush Generation heritage, develop innovative educational approaches to raising cultural esteem, and passing on a legacy to young people by providing opportunities for them to play a key role in shaping cultural outputs and supporting their social action.

Through key milestones encompassing a range of activities designed to inspire and empower communities. These include community empowerment initiatives that encourage active participation and decision-making, the creation of creative murals that visually represent the shared heritage and values, and engaging cultural heritage learning opportunities that educate and inform individuals about the significance of the Windrush generation.


By promoting respect and inclusion, the Windrush Anchor Heritage Education Programme inspires inclusive, peaceful, caring, and enterprising neighbourhoods for local communities regardless of background, culture, or status.

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