Sickle Cell Communities Cluster

“Blood transfusions make me feel so much better”

Leading sickle cell organisations, blood donor ambassadors & warriors, clinicians, community activists, health & social care system facilitators and private sector sponsors held their first meeting on Sunday 14th June to celebrate World Blood Donation and Sickle Cell
Days 2020. This is the first community wellbeing cluster for long-term conditions since the recognition by Public Health England (PHE) of
the disproportionate impact on African Caribbean Population Groups of CORVID19 within the health & social care workforce, community settings and families.

ACLT, Birmingham OSCAR, Bristol OSCAR, Manchester Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Centre, Red Cells R Us,Sickle Cell Cause, Sickle Cell Society, Unsickle My Cell and Caribbean Diaspora Donors Matter. “Orin Lewis, CEO, ACLT, said “we need to be more aggressive, proactive and strategic in our social media and national media messaging to our own population group”.

This initiative was inspired by Torkwase Holmes, NHS BT, Ambassador who brought the Sickle Cell groups together for the purpose of “laying the foundations for future generations”, hosted by Community Wellbeing Cluster (CWC), founded by Professional Services Providers, Rudi Page,CEO,  MCW and Richard Davis, CEO, ABS.

CWC, is designed to increase campaigning by 100% within the African Caribbean population groups, over the next 2 years to improve trust,
confidence and assurance that BLOOD DONATION SAVES AND IMPROVES LIVES.

CWC, will also engage Primary Care Networks (PCN) contribute to the dialogues through Social Prescribing on developing new relationships
between the NHS, care system and local government to protect communities by providing high quality care within their neighbourhoods.

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