The WGHL programme is designed to promote 21st century skills for young people and their mentors to come together to share experiences, enterprise and training opportunities for career pathways and community development. Selected professionals with a proven track record (and a minimum of five years work experience), will become Programme Servant Leaders in their chosen sector, by developing new partnerships within local communities and neighbourhoods.

Diaspora Beacon of Hope, based in Kingston, Jamaica and Brent Passing the Baton Legacy Project , West London, United Kingdom, will host students and professional leadership exchanges through their creative endeavours between schools, community hubs, faith groups and sports organisations that coincide with landmark events such as “Homeward Bound” which are significant for the UK and Jamaica across 2022/2023 ( being Jamaica’s 60th Diamond Jubilee and Windrush Arrivals 75th Anniversaries).

The WGHL exchange project aims to link Jamaica’s National Heroes within the context of their historical contributions and those of the Windrush Generation’s impact, sacrifice and achievements from the first departure from Jamaica in 1948 until present day.

This programme has engaged with Museums, Libraries & Archives from both the UK and Jamaica in order to ensure an integrated and cohesive digital engagement, knowledge sharing and civic outreach and that these are embedded within our programme.


Through alliances and networks, innovative tools ensure all communities and neighbourhoods within both countries and its diaspora throughout Africa, Commonwealth and Americas are able to access and get involved with the WGHL programme of activities.