COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Shaping our Future:

Humanity & Compassionate Leadership


This Webinar explore ways of navigating the unseen pathways within local systems and embraces the complexity and conflicting lines of clinical accountability and communication of roles & responsibilities, peer relationships and mutual expectations towards a compassionate and positive workplace culture.

The experience of the last 20 years has taught us that even with intention, commitment and deliberate design – inclusion, fairness and the feeling of spiritual wellbeing and psychological safety remain a concept that must be pursued to maintain public trust and confidence.

Health is all about people. Beyond the data and statistics, the health and social care system works, due to encounters and collaboration between different sets of diverse people, who need services and those who are entrusted to deliver a high quality, easily accessible and sustainable service.

The case studies, keynote speakers, reflective personal journeys and discussion panels provide a safe environment to think, learn and share.



Authentic Autonomy Consistency Clarity Closure Human Capital Development Courage Entitlement Obligation Inclusion Organisational Structure Process Race Equality Reflection Recognition Representation Safeguarding System Performance Wellbeing

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